Fille Catatonique Rough Sketches (2010-2013)

by Fille Catatonique (Marcella Simien)

The uniqueness of this album is that everything is recorded once, all and instruments and vocals are first takes. A lot of the music is made up as i record, so it doesn't lose the essence and innocence of the "first experience" (where the magic lies). I consider "Rough Sketches" (formerly called "Ruff Jams") to be a series of songs that are literally sketches. They are songs i am always working on and hope to record in a professional studio sometime very soon. My set list at live performances is always changing and i usually never even present any of these songs from EP at live sets. I will continue to add more of these sketches on the bandcamp page until i produce a more serious structured album. 

All songs are written, arranged, and recorded by myself on my computer. All vocals and instrumentation is done by me (excluding the vocal sample on "Telephone Trajectory"). 


To listen to the complete album and download visit Fille Catatonique Bandcamp